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We Provide boxes for sale in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, Ruwais, Fujairah, Ummul Quwain, Ajman and anywhere in UAE for packaging purposes if you have any queries in your mind where to buy carton boxes in Abu Dhabi. And also we have other packing materials Abu Dhabi. Now we will go a little deep to Carton Boxes and other Packaging Materials. If you are looking to buy and sell in UAE then you arrived on accurate portal also we provide home delivery service all over UAE.
This company established in 2000 and since provide high quality services and high quality materials to their clients. Our customers are very happy and satisfied from our services because mostly we receive existing customer orders that means that our customers are totally satisfied from our services.

How to use Carton Box?

Normally we use box for packaging purposes but here is the most important thing that how to properly use it. If you buy carton and you don’t know how to use cardboard box for packaging this is especially for you. First of all open a box from folded boxes bundle and keep it straight then take tape and put it on sides of box like hold down two small sides first and then large and put tape around three times. Then put tape on another angle and also make square on the bottom of box because the bottom sides are afford all the load of a box if you are putting anything heavy then you have to put tape also on bottom sides of box. As you finish box loading then repeat the process and close it.
Carton box is use for everything excluding liquids. For example we use for Stationery, household items and many more which are I can’t explain here all.

How Carton Box Manufacture?

The base of Carton is a tree and wood. The tree wood is converts to paper in paper manufacturing company. Then they supply to box manufacturers. “Carton are not manufacture here inside of city”. There are different machinery they cut paper roll from different angles in different sizes. When They finish to cut paper roll then submit to another machine which is use gum to paste multiple papers together and make a strong wall of box. Then submit to another machine and they fold it by 4 sides and joint it.

What are Packaging Materials?

Packaging Materials are the items which are used to pack stuff to protect from scratches and break. There are so many companies in Abu Dhabi used for protection of stuff. Like (Carton Boxes, Carton Roll, Clear Tapes, Air Bubble Roll, Polythene Sheet, Stretch Film Roll, Thermo Cal Sheet, Brown Tape, Masking Tape, Weight Paper, Packaging Peanuts, Strap Roll in Abu Dhabi).

What is Carton box?

Carton is a box, which is known with multiple names Card Board, Carton and Corrugated Box. Box is made by Paper the empty box weight is from 300g to 1500g. Carton box is possible in any color and any dimensions. The carton box are different sizes from ( XM to XL ) all size of products listed down in website. We sale in Abu Dhabi if you are looking to buy in Abu Dhabi then you have to check down.

What is Bubble Roll?

Bubble Roll is a Plastic Roll which is use for Packaging Purposes which is made by Plastic and air. Air Bubble is made by small small bubbles which are full of air. It's mostly use for small items packing like if you want to shift glasses or cups to another country or place so you have to pack it in box but only box is not enough you should must use bubble roll between every cup and glass then it'll be very protective. We Provide Bubble roll if you want to buy Bubble Roll then you have to contact us.

What is Stretch Film Roll?

Stretch Roll is Plastic Roll which is use for very tight packaging Purpose. Stretch Film Roll is use for Furniture Boxes and Clothes packaging even you can use it for everything. If you want to pack your items properly then you have to buy stretch film roll. We provide with home delivery serivce.

Our Delivery Service Areas

We provide carton boxes and all kinds of packaging materials all across Abu Dhabi like (MBZ, Al Mafraq, Baniyas, Khalifa City A, Shakhbout City, Al Falah new, Al Falah old, Al Shamha, Al Shawameh, Al Rahba, Samha, Shahama, Taweela, new shahama, shalaila, mussafah, Bin E Jasrain, Officer City, Al Mushrif, Al Muroor, Al Reem Island, Al Bandar city, Al Raha Garden, Al Munira, Al Reef Villas, Al Ajban, Al Nahda west, Al Nahda north, Al Fayha, Al Dhafra, Al Buteen, Al Marasi, Etihad towers, Abu Dhabi Cornich, Sadiyat Island, Yas Island.)

Balikabayan Box in UAE

We provide balikabayan box in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajaman, Umm al Quwain, Ras al Khaimah, Fujairah, Al Ain, Ruwais and all across UAE. We provide balikabayan boxes especially for kabayan friends who want to send items to their homes, through air or sea cargo. Our packaging materials are very high quality boxes will not broken during shifting to philiphines our services are guaranteed and professional. Our prices are for kabayan is very reliable and reasonable. We have all sizes of balikabayan boxes all across United Arab Emirates.

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Carton box in UAE

Carton box in UAE is what you can acquire from Abu Mansoor packaging materials. They are the trusted shop where you can get packing supplies that are very useful in our everyday lives and business.

The carton boxes for sale in UAE that our store is selling have a lot of benefits that can provide to you. One of the main advantages of using packaging materials is to protect the product throughout the moving, storing or shipping your items from one place to another.

At Abu Mansoor, you can guarantee that your items will be all safe and secured as we have a strong and affordable carton boxes, corrugated, stretch and air bubble roll. For the smallest, we have the 44x44x44 and we have the 60x60x80 if you need the biggest. You can check all the sizes here on our website and if the size that you are looking for isn’t here, just let me know as we can also customize carton that are very good when you need to pack your business products. If you need boxes for international shipping or moving, our packaging materials have the enough strength that can handle all of your stuffs. There’s no need to search for other shops because we are here to provide you the carton box in UAE.

Buy carton boxes in UAE

Buy carton boxes in UAE are not expensive to have. Actually using these is cheaper rather than buying other storage bins that can also triple times the price of one box and can consume a lot of space at home.
We sell carton boxes in UAE that are useful for:

  1. Product packaging - Ensuring the safety of products and other items is a must when we are about to deliver or move it to other places. If it is not well-packed, it might get damages and of course as for businesses, professional packaging is very important.
  2. Relocation – When moving from our home or office, we need to pack the furniture, appliances, and other items that we have. This also includes our personal items like clothes, jewelries, vaults, toiletries, makeup kits, and other important valuables at home. A strong box that can handle all of your stuffs is what you need and that is what Abu Mansoor which is a shop that can help you to relocate your things by purchasing our packing supplies.
  3. Storage – If you are looking for a perfect bins where you can put and keep some of your things that you are not using as of now then you can simply get affordable boxes from us. It is also very suitable for home and office use.

At our shop, we understand and we will provide what you need. Contact Abu Mansoor packaging materials for you to buy carton boxes in UAE.

Carton box for sale in UAE

Carton box for sale in UAE is one of the products of Abu Mansoor packaging materials. If you need to move your house furniture, appliances and other items, it is very important to use packaging materials in Abu Dhabi . We should never underestimate the ability of these carton boxes especially that its main function is to enable your stuffs to be safe and secured throughout the moving.

Carton boxes that you can get from Abu Mansoor comes in different size and they don’t just sell but they also have other tools for packing like air bubble roll that is perfect to use in packing fragile items like mirrors, glasses, tables, plates, lampshades, photo frames and etc. We also have corrugated roll and stretch film roll that are also essentials for moving or shifting items within Abu Dhabi or anywhere in UAE. At Abu Mansoor, we offer the best and affordable carton box for sale in UAE.

Cardboard boxes UAE

Cardboard boxes UAE are perfect for storage. Instead of using plastic bins, you can easily buy and use carton or cardboard box that will also help you organize your items at home.

Cardboard boxes are very affordable, easy to use and eco-friendly materials that are good for our environment. It is the most dependable packaging item most of the time as you can easily buy and use it in all purposes. If you will be moving from your big to a small house, packing your things; furniture, appliances and other small items are required. It is not only because you need to transfer it but it is also because you still want to use it in a good condition. It will just cause stress if we can’t able to use it anymore just because of the failed and packing process. If you want to keep your other items from your home, you can buy small and big cardboard boxes in UAE where you can preserve your items without getting any damages and use it again when you need it. Our boxes have the enough strength that you need and you can use and reuse it. You can visit our shop and you can call us if you want it to be delivered on your home. With this, you can definitely trust Abu Mansoor cardboard boxes UAE.

Moving boxes UAE

Moving boxes UAE are very essential for relocation needs. In order to make your furniture, appliances and other items at home to arrive safe on your next home, you need to assure that it will have proper packing of items. This is also why there’s an option of hiring movers and packers that can provide moving services anywhere in UAE.

For the office shifting to be successful, you also need to ensure that the items like computers, tables, bookshelves and other office supplies are all safe and can still use after the moving. By purchasing from Abu Mansoor packaging materials, you can make it all safe as we only provide best quality moving boxes in UAE for a very affordable price.

You can move very timely and safe with your items as you will not have any problems when it comes to the packing supplies as long as you will purchase from us. We also have air bubble, corrugated and stretch film rolls that are also tools for an efficient packing when it comes to home relocation, office and other establishments.

Contact us now for the successful moving process by buying the moving boxes UAE.

Carton box supplier in UAE

Carton box supplier in UAE is where you can buy boxes for wholesale or bulk. This is way cheaper price rather than on buying per pc. Most businesses are the one who’s looking for on where they can buy that they can use in product packaging or if they have a moving company which carton boxes are highly required.

At Abu Mansoor packaging materials, we can be your partner that can supply you carton box anywhere. If you have your preferred size of the boxes, you can also let us know as we can customize carton boxes in UAE. We offer big discounts for the large numbers of purchases that our customers are making from us and we ensure that we can accommodate all of their orders.

We also have other packaging materials like air bubble roll that are very lightweight, cost effective and reusable. For business, it is an all-around protector and being used in packaging the products especially the fragile items that might break during the delivery. For other items, you can keep on browsing our website and we can guarantee you that you will be truly satisfied when you hire us as your carton box supplier in UAE.

Packing boxes UAE

Packing boxes UAE has a lot of functions that will benefit us a lot in making our things fully organize and secured as they are well-packed.

One of the functions of the carton boxes in UAE is the packaging of products. For every business, it is very important to maintain its professionalism and one way to make it possible is by providing good services and this includes the proper packing of your business products until it reaches to your customers.

Boxes are flexible since it can easily be cut, folded, glued, taped and stapled. It is very lightweight and easy to bring. In fact, this is the best choice instead of buying storage or plastic bins that cost too much and will just consume space on your home or office. So why do you need to spend more money where you can buy a very affordable storage or box from Abu Mansoor packaging materials. Contact us now for the packing boxes UAE.

Where to buy packing boxes in UAE

Where to buy packing boxes in UAE? There’s no need to search all day because at Abu Mansoor, we can provide you all your needs not only for packing boxes but all other packaging materials.

At Abu Mansoor, we offer:

  • Moving boxes in UAE
  • Corrugated roll
  • Air bubble roll
  • Stretch film roll
  • Thermocol sheet
  • Polythene sheet & Tapes
You can visit our packing materials shop in Abu Dhabi if you want to buy and also, you can buy through phone call, WhatsApp or online and we will deliver it to you. We accept cash on delivery in all over United Arab Emirates. Abu Mansoor is a professional company that answers on where to buy packing boxes in UAE.

Buy carton box near me

Buy carton box near me simply provides convenience as you can purchase boxes that are very near to your place. For moving, packing, and storing some items from our house or office, carton boxes and other packaging materials plays an important roles in order to assure that the items that needs to relocate and kept are secured and safe.

Buying moving boxes isn’t difficult to look for because Abu Mansoor, which is a professional packaging company in UAE that can assist you with all your needs in regards to the tools that are perfect for relocations, product package and storage.

We do deliveries in all over UAE and we assure that you can get the best, affordable boxes and trust Abu Mansoor as you searched us for the buy carton box near me.

Packaging materials UAE

Packaging materials UAE will surely fit in your budget when you want to purchase especially if it is from Abu Mansoor packaging materials.

One way on how we can protect our items throughout the process of moving is to use boxes to pack your stuffs at home or office. Movers and packers usually provide carton boxes for moving in UAE and of course, if you are not satisfied then you can also buy from the other supplier like Abu Mansoor.

We are a one-stop shop where you can take all what you need for a very reasonable price. We offer carton boxes in different sizes and other tools that are also for packing and securing the items. At Abu Mansoor, you can 100% fully contented with the strength and durability of our packaging materials UAE.

Packing materials UAE

Packing materials UAE that are from Abu Mansoor has a lot of capabilities and functions. For every product that you need to pack, you can contact, buy and use carton boxes that Abu Mansoor provides to their loyal customers. You can also save money when you consider on using boxes instead of plastic storage bins that cost too much and might break once you move from one place to another so the best choice is to choose carton boxes to pack your items.

We offer carton boxes for moving in Abu Dhabi, shoe, cake, food box or kraft box and if you need customize, we can also provide it for you.
At Abu Mansoor, you can able to get the best quality of packing materials UAE.

Packaging materials supplier in UAE

Packaging materials supplier in UAE is what Abu Mansoor is. We provide a lot of tools that are good for packaging your items at home or office. We have:

  • Small box – This is perfect to use for small items like books, home decors and kitchen stuffs like glasses, plates, utensils and etc. We can also supply you small boxes for your business like cakes, cookies, ice creams and other products.
  • Medium box – For this size, you can put small appliances, toys, clothes and other personal stuffs.
  • Large moving box in UAE - This is good for bulky items like pillows, curtains, blankets or comforters and other big items.
We provide discounts for who will buy in wholesale and we can guarantee you that our boxes can really be useful for you. We also have air bubble roll, tapes, corrugated roll and stretch film roll that we can provide it for you. If you want to purchase, you can contact us as we are the best packaging materials supplier in UAE.